As I listen to favorite scientist, Neil Turok, I make a direct connection to Jean's approach to the brush. She teaches how to follow our internal flow of the soul in order to manifest an external image of beauty and delight: The Astonishing Simplicity of Dancing with the Brush. Of course simplicity does not mean easy to do.....to me it means a focused application of skillful use of the brush in concert with the spirit of life, a distilling of our life force into an delightful and meaningful image. Equilibrium, proportionality and synchronicity! When I leave our days of dancing with the brush I feel renewed and better able to face the reality of the world. We rock!
Your pal, Jennifer

I am forever indebted to Jean Shen for opening up my creative self. Jean both appreciates and practices a wide range of art - from traditional Chinese brush painting to modern abstract art. She has a unique ability to tap into a student's potential, and help them develop a path that best suits them. To all of this she brings a discipline in the use of the brush that can be applid to any field of art.

Tricia K, La Jolla